The Past Few Days

Finn scared me deeply Thursday by first vomiting and retching, then literally collapsing against one of the bathroom cabinets.  It was the first time I'd ever seen him anything but jumpy-happy, and it was unnerving.  I laid on the bed with him, gave him ice to lick, and, within a couple of hours, he was back to normal.  Still pretty tired, though:

Pretty sure I put something about this organization on my facebook wall.  Well, the bracelets I ordered from them arrived:
The top one says "Dropped + Made in Laos."  Hard to realize I'm wearing parts of bombs or guns or ammunition around my wrist.

Spent a good part of this morning updating my etsy page.  I didn't make a single sale over the holidays, so it isn't like I had to re-stock or anything.  There were just some pictures hanging around that needed to be posted.

On THE other economic issue, I am still unemployed.   I told myself I was going to jump back into the hunt with renewed vigor in the new year, but all that's out there are the same jobs I've applied for anywhere up to six times.  Even the teaching job in Atlanta, which I phone-interviewed for, has come up empty,  I've sent e-mail after e-mail to them, left phone messages, but have yet to hear the first word back.  Not at all encouraging.

How's your 2013 going?


  1. I wonder if Finn had a seizure?

  2. So glad Finn is better. THat is scary stuff.
    Giving him ice cubes is brilliant

  3. Scary about Finn!

    Discouraging about the job search.


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