The Men's Seeds

There are 8 seeds for the men, as there are so many more of them than the women.  Too, 4 were pre-set by virtue of having won KH before.  But just so you'll have a little tease, a few names to think about over the weekend, here are the seeds in full:

1.  Sam Neill
2.  Alan Rickman
3.  Johnny Depp
4.  Hugh Jackman
5.  Nathan Fillion
6.  Daniel Craig
7.  Ewan McGregor
8.  Liam Neeson

How we doin' so far?


  1. Lurve the contented cat. But where is Alexander Skaarsgard in the seed?

  2. Alexander didn't get enough nominations to be a seed, but he's in the tournament. Trust your little sister on this.


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