The Fedora of Chance

Where all nominees' names go to wait until they're plucked out and placed in their bracket.  It can be a cold, scary, place.  Not for the weak, or those who think they can take it.  It can be a selfish and stingy  street, as names that have been through this wringer before try to scare the newbies.  Yeah, it can get as mean as a braided snake in there.  But above all, it's fair.  It's fair and it's fate and the names go where they need to go, so no sobbing, sister.  HunkTown can be tough.*

*ChickTown has a fedora, too, but it won't fit on my head, and it's mint green and doesn't much lend itself to noir slang.


  1. Ha hah ah sheriff in town looks like

  2. bwahhh hah ha! i love it! noir slang! you kill me kim! and yes- the fedora of fate is not for the weak- it can be a cruel, harsh mistress- but in the end, there can only be one, and the Hunk will rise! it is like the most serious of sorting hats ever. EVER! :)


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