Whilst noodling around last night,
trying to get the hang of creating the
polls we need, and attempting to put
pictures with those polls, I wiped out 
yesterday's post.  Its three salient
points were that the Knitters' Chick
brackets are all done, voting starts 
Monday, and the Top Four Chick seeds
are Samantha Bee, Rashida Jones
Meryl Streep and Sofia Vergara.

I've been re-noodling this morning, and the 
layout of the system is going to have to be
different than in the past.  The photos of the 
  nominees will go here, and the places to
 vote will be in the sidebar.

          Done with the first half of the men's draw;
               gotta get back to business!  Will tell you those seeds later today.


  1. yippee! Im ready to play! Thanks for all the hard work this takes


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