Every year, this is the point of the Knitters' contest that makes me a wee bit jittery.  The brackets are all filled ("WHOA" is all I'll allow myself to say about some of the match-ups that the Fedora of Fate came up with), I've got at least the first day's photos ready to go. . .  The only thing left is putting the actual poll on the blog and opening it up.  However, significant problems with polls in the past have stayed with me.  And this year, we're going to have to go with a weird split-screen-y-type thing.

But I want it to start!  I want you to see who everyone else nominated, and I like watching people get all psyched about it.  This year, you've responded very, very nicely to Knitters' Chick, so I'm interested to see how that goes.

And I'm starting to think about prize packages and maybe random fun giveaways, and what a tiebreaker could be if we need one.

So, check back here either very late tonight or very early tomorrow (all depends on my sleep cycle;  sorry!) and cast your first votes!!!


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