Several weeks ago, I ordered some of Kollage Yarn's square knitting needles.  I've used them a couple of times since getting them, and there truly is a difference in how my hands feel (as advertised.)  Never good with physics, or kinesiology,  the explanation for that eludes me, but it is true nonetheless.  When I can, I plan on getting some Cubics to see how they handle.

Yesterday, and so far today, lots of my time is being spent on Patternfish.  As if I need more patterns.  With all the free ones available, no one should ever have to pay for a pattern.  But there are a couple there that I just might have to give in to.  Like this one:
Now, I am nowhere near as top heavy as our model here;  hope that won't be a problem.

There are tons of gorgeous, intricate lace shawl patterns on the site.  For some reason, I've never been inclined to knit lace.  Don't know why, exactly, unless it's that most lace patterns are charted, and I cannot follow a chart to save my life.  When I see a pattern that has any chartwork involved, I do what I do when I see that double-points are called for --- move right along to the next pattern.

(For the record, entrelac has always given me trouble, I'm uninterested in Fair Isle, and my hats never have pom-poms because I'm bad at making them.)


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