Sunday, June 24, 2012

Wings That Work*

I have fallen in love with Wingspan the way everyone else fell in love with Clapotis a few years back. I never made a Clapotis, but am now on my second Wingspan.  It's such a great knit for me --- not tons of details to keep up with, but enough shaping to keep it interesting.

While I was away last week, and spent some time on the computer, I found a couple of websites that list Sociology instructor vacancies across the country.  Four were good for me, distance-wise, so I put together four application packets and sent them away.  Maybe something will come from one of them.

If not, I just make more Wingspans!

*Title a slight bastardization of the brilliant Berkeley Breathed's A Wish for Wings That Work.


  1. I love the FO images of the WINGSPAN projects I've seen. SO happy you enjoy knitting them....


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