Back to the Plan

After starting with what, to my mind at least, was great success, my Alphabetical Authors Reading Project sort of fell off a cliff.  

When last we spoke of this, "K" was the letter, and Mike Kim's Escaping North Korea was on the nightstand.  It was a difficult, harrowing read --- well written, but so tough.  The kind of book that you put down not wanting to pick up again, but knowing that you will.  Because, while you can't believe that human beings can be that cruel and vile to one another, you also can't believe that human beings can withstand so much and never lose an ounce of dignity or hope.

So, "L" has come up.  And I'm going to sort of cheat this time, by reading a book I've read before.  (Which, with the exceptions of Charlotte's Web and To Kill A Mockingbird, I never do.)  It will be

Yeah, I know.  It's been a while since we've seen him, talked about him. . .  But good crushes die hard.


  1. Good crushes don't die hard,...they NEVAH die~~
    Rob lowe rob lowe rob lowe...just sayin


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