Today, people were supposed to come and take my mother's car away;  I decided donating it to charity was much easier than trying to get it running and licensed here or towing it to Athens and getting it running and licensed there.

Funny thing, though --- the garage doors won't open.  Because there's no electricity in about half of the house.  So I've been sitting here, trapped (can't get my car out, either), waiting for an electrician to just work me into his schedule today.  And I've done all the sorting I can do because there honestly isn't anywhere else to put the bags and boxes.  I was going to make a Goodwill run today and empty out the library (not without a car. . .)  The Got Junk? folks are supposed to be here tomorrow to empty out the garage, where I've stacked as many bags of trash as I can.  See, the plan was to have Mama's car out of the way so they'd have lots more room to work.  But unless I can get the doors open, I'll have to cancel them, too.

This entire trip has been one disaster after another.


  1. Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger?

  2. wow, you need a break!!! here's hoping you get one soon!


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