Against the Odds?

Didn't mean for a week to get away before I got back here.  It hasn't been the pleasantest one, but, given my "state," I suppose that's to be expected.  

There's been a major medicine overhaul, the efficacy of which is still unclear.  There have been spontaneous crying jags, and not much eating, and days where the only thing that has gotten me out of bed was the need to take out the dogs.

And yet, I'm still here.


  1. You are here!!! and very much alive. Give it NICE to you. Set no goals other than eating a bit and taking your meds. Hang in there above all. IM praying for you....
    if i was near you I'd cook you dinner and bring it over. When people have cancer everyone rushes to cook for them, when people have depression everyone rushes AWAY from them...
    we need to change that!

  2. Dogs. Unconditional love but also implacable when it comes to letting them out.

    St Brigid's poetry day! Go find a lovely poem.

  3. Thank goodness for the four-legged kids and their need for fresh air and walkies.

    I've been away, too, and I'm glad that you're here! Take time for yourself. Be good to yourself. Have a nosh. I hope the medical side works out, this time. BIG HUGS.


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