Sunday, January 14, 2018


As the hours since finding that my car wouldn't start have passed, it's become a lighter and lighter and lighter burden.  It's like when you can't use your phone or your computer.  You panic initially, but then realize that you won't be bothered by beeps and tones and rings for a while.  There's a kind of freedom in it.

I'll call a towing company in the morning and have the car taken to the dealership.  'Til then --- and, honestly, after then for an unspecified amount of time --- I'll knit.

This yarn is "Live Long and Prosper" by Lorna's Laces.  I gave it to Hannah --- a very serious Trekkie --- a couple of Christmases ago, telling her I'd use it to make whatever she wanted.  She's never claimed it --- she probably doesn't even remember it --- so it's going to be used for a pair of socklets for me.  Wrapping it up, I realized it looks like one of those rubber band balls.  Not especially Trek-ish, but, there you are.


  1. I kind of wish we'd have a (small) snow or ice storm, because I do love the feeling of not being able to go out. But only for a day or maybe two. Then it gets---weird.

  2. You are finding a silver lining my friend . KNIT ON


While They Play Football a Couple of Miles Away. . .

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