Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Still With The Questions

I say again today, and will say it over again until proven otherwise, that knitters are the most thoughtful and generous and nicest people on the planet.  Take what came to me in the mail a couple of days ago:
Kathy, I've already thanked you privately, but you deserve public appreciation, too.  Is that the prettiest little felted bag you've ever seen?

I do not carry a purse.  When Briton was born, and I began carrying a diaper bag, it was simply too unwieldy to have to keep up with a purse, too.  Then, I suppose, I got used to not carrying one, and still don't.  Like my lack of interest in shoes, I've got no fever for purses.  My daughter LOVES them, and when we go shopping together we always wind up in the purse department.  But knitting bags / tote bags?  Can't get enough.  Are you like that?  Can a knitter have too many bags?

And another question;  have any of you tried arm knitting?  I made an attempt this afternooon, to no avail.  It may have been the yarn I used, so I'll give it another go another day.  


  1. What a lovely package! They sort of coordinate.

    I carry a purse or a tote bag most of the time. Since I walk back and forth to work, I always have my wallet, book, and packed lunch at a minimum to carry. Yes - I'm a schlepper!

  2. You are most welcome Kim. I love to send a surprise out! Enjoy.

    I have to have a purse of some kind. A favorite of mine is the Sling bag , the Ameribag. I have always loved purses. I usually change with each season and I am a sucker for a cheap on sale bag from JC Penney!

  3. Love your surprise package - the bag is gorgeous and the sock yarn goes with it! What fun. I always carry a purse and also bring a tote bag to work to hold knitting, Kindle, lunch...I always get to eat, but usually while working at my desk. never fails though if I don't bring the tote bag then I have free time and no knitting:(

  4. I weeded my tote bag collection recently; now I am down to 4, not counting the ones that are filled with knitting projects. The darned things seem to multiply when I am not looking.

  5. Hi Kim, the box arrived and I love the gifties inside, I can't wait to knit the shawl in the booklet that you sent. Thank you so much. I go through cycles sometimes I carry a bag, most times just a knitting tote, but that has only been in the last few years because of needing a free hand for a cane. In the old days, it was bags all of the time and had quite a collection!


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