There Is. . .

. . . a box here, which is gradually filling up with prizes for Knitters' Hunk and Knitters' Chick winners.  Finding prize treasures is such fun.

. . . a pair of boots that I would very much like to have, but it is prohibitively expensive:
Half-boots are scarcely ever a sell for me, but these are too pretty not to covet.

. . . nothing like having a Five Guys connection when you're a hungry puppy.

. . . no way the baby I showed you the other day has had time to grow into this gorgeous creature:

. . . a line of storms headed this way.  Not a problem;  I have knitting and books, and I made a grocery run today.

. . . someone right behind me, isn't there?


  1. You are influencing me! Now that I help with the horses, I am all about cowgirl boots. Halfs are the best for me and my fat Hungarian calves! Love those boots !!

  2. I love the boots, but love the fur baby photos best!


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