Just going about my morning ablutions today, when, after flushing it, the toilet started gushing water from the tank.  I don't know if any of you do this, but when there's a repair calamity around here, I think, "Is there any way I can work around this, so I don't have to call someone in?"  That flashed through my mind this morning, but this wasn't something that could wait.

Goodbye $300+.

Other than that, it's been knitting and watching football today.  No plans for tonight, except more of the same.  Even when my husband was alive, New Year's Eve was a stay-at-home event.  We went out on New Year's Eve maybe twice in the 4 years we dated, and the 14 years we were married.

These have been finished for a few days.  Remember the Christmas Pickle yarn from a while back?  I made myself a cowl with what was left over after the mitts.

 Also made one out of two Knit Collage yarns held together.  It's huge, as you can see, and very thick.  I don't know that it will ever be cold enough here for me to wear it, but I like it.

On the subject of bulky yarn, my newest crazy-for-it pattern is Wee Speedy.  In less than one half of football, I made it.  All to do now is weave in ends and find The Perfect Adorable Button.

Here's to a knitting-filled, peace of mind and spirit, happy, friends a-plenty 2017!


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