Tin, Aluminum, or Diamond

Those are the choices one has when planning for a tenth wedding anniversary.  Which of those, or what else, will work for the tenth anniversary of a blog contest?

Next August, the Tenth Knitters' Hunk jamboree will get underway.  Between now and then, there will be small prizes, treasure hunts, polls, and guessing games here to get us all ready.  There will be no rhyme or reason to the timing of these events --- they'll simply appear as I think of them.

Last night, I thought of one.

Leave your answer to this question in the "Comments" section.  If more than one of you answers correctly, I will use a random number generator to select the winner.  

Which man has been part of the Knitters' Hunk field every single year?
A.  Sam Elliott
B.  Idris Elba
C.  Mark Harmon
D.  Jon Hamm

The winner will receive a vinyl Knitcrate notions pouch (in navy), with mini yarn skeins inside.  You have until tomorrow at 3 PM (ET) to submit your answer.  One guess per person, please.


  1. I believe it is either A or C, I think I'm going to go with C.

  2. I'm going with Sam Elliott (a).

  3. Without cheating or looking at others responses its either Mark harmon or Sam Elliot. Im going to say Sam


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