Sunday, October 11, 2015

It Hurts To Knit

That's about the sum total of my life right now.  Knitting is how I spend 75% to 80% of my time, and with the pain, that's just impossible.  It's also painful to write --- filling out a check is torture.  My hope is that this increased discomfort is a sign of healing, like a cut will begin to itch as it heals.  Otherwise, All is Bleak.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Ten Things

Ten Things You Can Do To Be Supportive When Someone Dies

1.  Listen.
2.  Let them cry.  Cry with them.  Tears help.
3.  Listen.
4.  Let them be quiet when they need to be.
5.  Listen.
6.  Let them lead.  This is their grief, not yours.  It will unfold as they need it to.
7.  Listen.
8.  Don't be afraid to smile.
9.  Don't say, "I'll do anything to help you," if you don't mean it.
10.  LOVE THEM.  Word and deed.  LOVE THEM.

Saturday, October 3, 2015


My son and I got into a conversation about Batman the other day.  Growing up, I loved Batman. (He's still my favorite superhero, along with Captain America.)  The "BIF!" "POW!" Batman with Adam West was on TV, and I never missed an episode.  We started talking about Batman villains, and I looked up the ones I remembered, winding up at this photo of Cesar Romero, who was The Joker.  Dashing, wouldn't you say?

My favorite toy when I was growing up was a Batman periscope.  I loved to "spy" on the houses and the people on my street.  And one of my clearest, fondest childhood memories is going to an auto show and seeing the Batmobile.  I even defied the signs and managed to touch one of the fins.  (Yep.  I was a rebel.)
"Atomic batteries to power;  turbines to speed!"

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Soothing the Savage Beast

As for me:

Three Songs That Just Make You Happy
"Down On the Corner" --- Creedence Clearwater Revival
"River of Dreams" --- Billy Joel
"You Win Again" --- Bee Gees

Three Songs That Make You Want To Dance
"Roll With It" --- Steve Winwood
"Addicted to Love" --- Robert Palmer
"Mustang Sally" --- Wilson Pickett

Three Songs You Always Sing Along With
"Nights on Broadway" --- Bee Gees
"Imitation of Life" --- REM
"Fancy Free" --- Oak Ridge Boys

Three Songs You Blast In Your Car
"Do Not Pass Me By" --- MC Hammer
"Strawberry Wine" --- Deana Carter
"Cocaine" --- Eric Clapton

Three Songs You Could Put On Infinite Replay
"Sister Golden Hair" --- America
"Breaking Down Slow" --- Lee Roy Parnell and Bonnie Bramlett
"He Thinks He'll Keep Her" --- Mary Chapin Carpenter

Three Songs Whose Lyrics You Love
"'Til I Can Gain Control Again" --- by Rodney Crowell
"I Hung My Head" --- by Sting
"Ballad of a Runaway Horse" --- by Leonard Cohen

Three Songs You Don't Like At All
"Rocky Top"
"New York, New York"
"Ebony and Ivory"

Three Songs That Make You Want To Close Your Eyes And Just Listen 
"Nessun Dorma" --- The Three Tenors
"Words" --- Bee Gees
"Daniel" --- Elton John

How about your choices?  Pick three (or more) of the categories above, along with your three songs for each, and tell me about them in the Comments section.  At Noon (ET) tomorrow, I'll choose three commenters randomly, and send them a little something or other. . .

Friday, September 25, 2015


I have been very weepy, quite forlorn, for at least a week.  The slightest thing --- from all parts of the good/bad, happy/sad spectra --- has sent me into sobs.  It will suddenly be 7 or 8 at night, and I realize I've just been sitting on the couch, staring, for the whole day.  

On Wednesday, though, I was able to break out a pair of cowboy boots for the first time this year.  I wore them to therapy.
That helped for a little while.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Raised In A Southern Baptist House, A Girl Talks About Popes

The first Pope I remember is Paul VI:
I remember his as small, thin and "pointy."  He had become Pope when I was 3, and was in "office" until 1978.  I'm sure we watched his funeral, as my mother loved pomp and ceremony.  

I remember the election of John Paul I, because I was old enough (18) to watch/realize what was going on.
I thought, at the time, that Pope John Paul had done a remarkable thing in choosing his name.  I also felt he had a kind and calming face.

John Paul's death was startling.  I recall senses of turmoil and disbelief and worry.  The next Pope, however, ameliorated all of that, almost immediately.
John Paul II smiled.  He had charisma.  And, possibly my favorite thing about him, he wore a watch.  Honestly, now --- who thinks about the Pope having to check the time?  It seems like there would be a Cardinal of Time, am I right?  And he skiied.  Very unlike the two Popes of my memory.

And now, the first Pope that is going to be seared into my children's memories.

I don't know how many more Holy Fathers I will get to see, but this one has sunken deep into my heart.  He seems more human than those before him.  Or something;  I can't really get the words right.  But, he wears a watch, too, and he gives us moments like this: