Friday, July 3, 2015


Today has been almost unbearable.  The physical pain has been the worst yet.  I am sad, and lonely, and still consumed with knowing that Finn is still alive, and I could just go pick him up and bring him back home.  And then his claws would be clicking on the floors, and he'd be barking at every little sound, and putting his face up to mine when he knows I'm cryng.  Like right now.

There have been a lot of animals in my life, but I've never had one's story go this way.  If it's torture for me, how must he be feeling?

And yet, I have to have him euthanized when his 10 days are up.    He was biting me more regularly, and with increasing anger.  He didn't bite me Monday --- he attacked me.  The wounds are deep and painful.  The nerve damage to my hand and fingers is most likely temporary;  still, I can't do anything with my right hand right now.  Which means s lot of time that I would be knitting, or doing just about anything, is spent staring out the window and obsessing over everything.

And you get to read about it.

I'm sorry.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Most of you know that Finn will, on occasion, nip at me.  Some have been kind of serious, some just plain ol' nips.

When we all got up Monday morning, he seemed to not be feeling well.  He was hesitant to jump, which is not like him at all.   I reached down to pet him, and he bit into and shook my right hand so badly, I wound up in the Emergency Room.
I have no feeling in my index and middle fingers, and only a little bit in my thumb.  Obviously, you can't see the punctures --- there are about 10 of them altogether.

By law, I was made to fill out a form to let the County Health Department know that I had been bitten by a dog, and that that dog was not up-to-date on his rabies shots.  I've been out of work 4 1/2 years --- of course he wasn't up-to-date.  Neither are the other animals who live here.  Inside, 24 hours a day.

I called our vet, to see if there were some way to get him looked at.  Back injury?  Something with the hips?  She told me that she, also by law, had to report the bite to Animal Control.  He would have to be quarantined for 10 days, to see if there were any signs of rabies.  They could do it at the vets' offices, but she didn't feel comfortable putting her employees in a situation where they might be in danger.  I understood, and continue to understand, completely.  Animal Control had the equipment and training to deal with him.

I surrendered Finn to AC yesterday.  The officer had to use a rabies pole to get him in the truck.  Horrible, horrible sight --- I'll never get it out of my head.  And now he's sitting in Quarantine, which makes the heartbreak even worse.  Having him put down yesterday would have been so much easier than living with knowing he's still here, at the shelter, all by himself.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Opening Night

A nice night of theater, great company, and a chance to spend time with one of the actors:

Thursday, June 25, 2015

If It's Not One Thing. . .

There's been another veterinary emergency with my son's cat.  He wasn't eating over the weekend, and had lost weight --- which he could not afford to do.  

On Monday, the vet tested kidneys, heart, thyroid, and ran another blood curve.  They couldn't find anything.  Relief on one hand, exasperation on the other.  He was given an appetite stimulant at the vet's, and apparently ate really well.  Since then, though, things have been all over the place.  Buddy's feeding and insulin times have now be moved to 10AM and 10PM.  Easier for Briton in the mornings.  This week, however, he's had rehearsal every night (his show opens tomorrow night), so I've gone over to do the night stuff.

This morning, Buddy wouldn't eat.   I got one of those near-panicky calls from Briton, as he needed to leave for work and didn't know what to do.  Mom goes back to The Hard Work.  I got some baby food turkey and chicken, mixed the turkey with the canned food, and got Buddy to eat.  Back to do the same tonight at 10.  He'll grow used to having good stuff in his food, and not eat it by itself, but, at this point, it's just about getting something in him.

Monday, June 22, 2015


There has been too much sadness lately for me to conjure up the willingnesss to blog.  My day-to-day life remains as constantly mundane as ever, so there hasn't been cause to write about that, either.

I will say this.  So many people seem to think that removing one flag from one building is going to put an end to all that has happened in the last week.  Or the last 150 years.  Lots of people are going to call it progress --- and it is --- but then they're going to let it go at that.  I'm a 55-year-old Southern white woman.  I've been to this dance before.  

The Confederate flag has always twisted my guts.  I've never seen any glory in it at all.  But moving it down is not going to move the real issue forward.  It's HATE that must be expunged

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

In progress

On the needles right now, I have the Classic Elite Geneva capelet.  
 in these colors:
Citrine, for the body,
Night Denim, for the stripe outlines, and
Orchid, for the inside of the stripes.

The yarn is "Riveting," from Classic Elite --- it's made from recycled denim.  This is a fun pattern.  It's all garter, which you can probably see, but the stripes come in often enough to keep things interesting.

On another pair of needles, I have South West Trading Company's

held together to make this:
The sequins on the String-Along are clear, which makes their sparkliness even stronger.  This isn't quite as much fun as the capelet, but if I need to knit without looking at my work, it's perfect.