Saturday, March 25, 2017


Yesterday would have been my mother's 88th birthday.  I don't say that looking for sympathy --- it's just that the arithmetic surprised me.  Then I realized that next year, my husband would have been 70.  That is hard to get my mind around.

The shades-of-blue feather and fan shawl (the 589-stitcher) had to go into the "Maybe Another Day" file.  Somewhere along the way, I lost the pattern stitch and couldn't fix it without frogging way, way back.  It's irritated me to no end, but there really wasn't anything else to do.

Something occurred to me the other day.  If this is already being done, I didn't know, so I'm not trying to steal anyone's thunder.  You know those cake/cocoa/cookie mixes in a jar?
Why couldn't that be done with yarn "cakes"?  

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Cold Shoulders

There were 589 stitches!  They were the beginning of this:
It's the Superior Waves Shawl from Willow Yarns.  This is one of the kits Kathy was asking about the other day.

Speaking of which, here are this week's questions:
Sure sign of Springs: bugs.  Has anything bitten you yet?
No, though the carpenter bees are back flying around the bench on the front porch.
Do you knit for practice?  I don't mean for gauge;  for a stitch pattern?
If I have, I don't remember.
Have you tried One Touch Latte for your coffee?
Not a coffee drinker.
Have you seen or tried Persi laundry detergent?
I'd never heard of it 'til now.
When was the last time you wore one of your own handknits?
Over the weekend --- some socks made from Noro.

If the waves shawl weren't keeping me busy enough, I'm also working on 28's Cousin 53.  I'm making it out of yarn that will turn purple when I wear it in the sun.
What will they think of next?

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Hit and Miss

Well, I suppose it's fitting that an Irishman won the green-wearing vote:

I have to admit that I whiffed on my Knitters' Chick question this week.  On the 14th --- which is Pi(e) Day --- I meant to ask which KC you'd want to bake pie with.  Or do math problems with, whichever.

This afternoon, I cast on 589 stitches for a shawl.  At least I hope it was 589.  I haven't worked the first row yet, and the plan is to count then.  If it isn't the right stitch count, I plan to get there by increasing or decreasing as required.  I refuse to try keeping up with that many again.  It seems that there was a "formula" I once used to determine how much yarn you needed to measure out for the number of stitches you had to cast on.  If it did exist, it's lost to time now, though.  And not having enough yarn to cast on what you need remains the most aggravating part of knitting to me.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Wearing of the Green

Consider the green sweater:
Then, in celebration of ten years of Knitters' Hunk, vote for which past KH winner would look wear the sweater best:

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Show and Tell

I've made one scarf and one shawl from this pattern lately.  It's so easy, and a surprisingly good way to use leftover skeins (if you don't have self-striping.)

This week's Kathy Questions:
What is your favorite warm weather yarn?
You know, I don't really have a favorite.  I knit whatever I'm in the mood for, whenever I'm in the mood for it.
Do you eat corned beef and cabbage?
As often as I possibly can. . .
How many pairs of sandals do you own?
I actually counted.  Five.
Do you miss the snow? (cause I'll send you some!)
Oh, if you only could send some. . .  I think about snow all year long.
How do you deal with humidity and your hair?
Humidity troubles all of my body except my hair!

Monday, March 13, 2017

Chewy Influencer

 This month, we tried some canine products on behalf of Mr. Rupert here.

This is a probiotic to sprinkle on your dog's food.  It promotes digestive health.  Rupert was having none of it.  He's a little old man, after all (17 in June), and set in his ways.  He took less than a full sniff and turned his head away.

For a second, it looked like we were going to have better luck with this
It's another "meal mixer," and Rupert sniffed and sniffed at it, took a tiny nibble, sniffed some more, and --- again with the head turn.  The fact that it is to be mixed in with his food may have thrown him off;  I'm going to go back to it in a couple of days and try to give it to him on its own.

So, Meal Mixer Superblends gets a hesitant "maybe," and the FortiFlora gets a "no."

I receive products from each month to review.  These are the honest accounts of my experiences,  No money exchanges hands at any point.