Saturday, February 18, 2017

Practice, Practice

Well, Lorette offered up a popular opinion with Prime Minister Trudeau!  You will most definitely be voting on him in six months.  For now, flex your voting muscles on these. Just for fun. Nothing binding.

Friday, February 17, 2017

From My Narrow Little World

Bojangles has delicious, delicious macaroni and cheese.

There is nothing more fun in knitting than turning a heel.  Especially when the turn lines up like these
This is the same yarn I used to make the arm warmers a while back.  For some reason, the shimmery gold threads aren't showing up in these photos.

When I look to my right at any given moment, this is what I see:

A post I made on Facebook had one knitter saying, and a couple of others agreeing, that we should "just declare Justin Trudeau 'Knitters' Hunk' and get it over with."
I can't say that's a bad call.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Chewy Influencer

My product choice for this month's trial was
dental treats from VetriScience.  All three cats have sort of unpleasant breath, and none of them have ever been fans of brushing, so. . .

Erin loves them.  Madeleine doesn't like them at all. Riley goes back and forth, depending, I suppose, on her mood and the emptiness of her stomach.  There is one problem that the bites give the cats:
I have to snap each one in half so that they can be picked up and chewed easily.  That, though, is nothing compared to how Erin chows down on them, and Riley occasionally indulges.

Each month, I select one product offered by for in-home testing.  They ask that I give honest reports of my pets' experiences with the products.  There are no monetary transactions whatsoever.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Just Some Stuff, Pretty Much

The Debbie Bliss yarn remains divine.  It's going to be hard to turn it into something;  it's just wonderful the way it is.

Some hard rain passed through here the night before last.  I used the opportunity to read and have some tea.
I'm a teacup snob.  Interesting, pretty, unusual cups make tea taste better, I find.

The "cat hats" I'm selling in my etsy shop have raised over $200 so far.  For some reason, that stuns me.  In a very good way, mind you, but it stuns me.  The hats there are in colors other than pink, for variety.  Pinks will be there, too, though.

In other e-commerce news, Sephora has evidently joined Amazon in the Ridiculously Packaged Items Club:

In today's mail, I got a notice that I have been selected as a "prospective" juror in US District Court.  I had to fill out a questionnaire, and I may or may not be chosen, yada yada.  I've been called for plain ol' jury duty three times.  The first time, I had just had Briton.  The second time, I had just had Hannah.  The third time, I went downtown and, most of the morning, sat beside a former colleague of Dale's.  She had been nothing but a backstabber when they worked together --- even when he was desperately ill, so I wasn't thrilled to be next to her.  But she made all phony-nice, and I have never wished for some knitting to do or a book to read more in my life.  Neither of us made it onto the panel, and she was dismissed before me.  At least I didn't have to walk with her to our cars. . .

Do you have any jury experience?

Monday, February 6, 2017

Oh, It's True

I just got a hank of 
and I can't stop squishing it and holding it to my face.  That's normal, right?

Sunday, February 5, 2017

And The Winners Are




Give me a day or two, sweetie.  Some little things will be headed your way.