Sunday, December 21, 2014

Looks Like It

Cold and gray outside today, which makes it feel like Christmas.  Since we so very rarely have snow for it, weather that looks/feels like maybe it might snow is what makes the season.  Even a sunny Christmas doesn't seem "right," unless the sun is shining on some snow.

Wrapping has commenced.  It's always been my habit to wrap a few gifts each day so that the amount of presents under the tree changes noticeably day to day.

My crafting readers will appreciate what happened yesterday.  Hannah asked if I could pick her up from work, as she needed to pick something up here.  Her housemate, it turns out, asked Hannah if she could teach her to knit, so she could make scarves for her boyfriend and his family.  She asked Hannah on Friday.  Now, Hannah has grown up watching the time knitting takes --- she knits herself!  But here she was, a steadfast friend, going through my yarn to find some that would work.  Everyone's intentions here are good, but, come on.

Today's boots, to me, have clean, elegant lines:

Let's not kid ourselves, though --- we all know what sold them was the purple underlay.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Forty-to-Fifty Words

Early this morning, Finn manifested the prevailing mood of the day:

Maddie had to think it over a little,
but gave in to the stretch:

Me, I just had boot pictures to take:
These couldn't be any more Texas high school baton twirler if they tried.

Friday, December 19, 2014


It has been a day of knitting what I wanted, at my own pace.  And making a pot of turkey chili.  And wrapping a few presents. And doing some random crafting:
The only thing that I didn't get around to was taking a nap.  Early to bed tonight, I suppose.

There is a WalMart one mile from us, and a brand new shopping center about half a mile from it, with stores in between.  Traffic outside our house has been at a dead stop several times today.  Tomorrow --- oy.  The Saturday before Christmas is hellish out there.  I'm so glad I can stay in.

I bought these boots because they remind me of my best friend, Lisa.  Daffodils are her favorite flowers.  These are a little more buttery yellow than the cream tint the picture shows.  And, yes, that's a Yoda next to them.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Pop Quiz

Remember the green boot cuffs I blogged about a while ago?  I made them with a yarn so soft and lovely to work with?  Well, there was quite a bit left over after the cuffs, so I made myself a cowl:
It's just remarkable yarn. Neighborhood Fiber Company is in my bookmarks now.

How much gift-wrapping have you done?  I did a wee little bit today: something for Hannah, for her housemate, and for Briton's girlfriend.  Perhaps I'll be spurred on to do some more tomorrow.

What TV show(s) are you binge-watching lately?  I'm all about "Hack" and re-watching Season One of "Ripper Street."  Both can get tense, so there's a good deal of this going on:
Even Finn goes on Alert:

Do you realize this is the 18th day of the Boot Shoot, and we're a long way from being done?
Should I be embarrassed, or proud?

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


At first glance, these probably look like ordinary, beautiful-chocolate-brown cowboy boots,
and, in large part, they are.  But what I was unable to capture with the camera is that the shafts of these are cushiony/padded/quilt-y-like.  I hadn't ever seen a pair like that before, and I haven't since.

Therapy today, then late lunch with Hannah at this tiny little place we've been aching to go to, but they have sort of weird hours.  It was excellent.  I had a smoked trout salad sandwich --- the bread alone was fabulous.

Then, she wanted to go "thrifting," so we drove to a Goodwill store and had ourselves a grand time.  I'd been looking all over for a plain white turtleneck, and, as soon as we got into the store, I found one in my size.

I also found this:
I buy a new Nativity scene each year, but hadn't found one to my liking yet this year.  I'm not quite sure why the animals have eyes and the Holy Family doesn't.  Whenever there is an animal other than a sheep or a cow or a donkey in a Nativity, it is our family custom to say, "Did you know there was a *name the animal* present at the birth of Jesus?"  
Because. . .

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Inspired or Insane?

For no reason AT all, the idea for a 12-month swap has come into my head.  Different theme each month (yes, I already know what they'll be), people in or out as they can, or are interested.  Could that work, you think?  Announce the theme on the 1st, have packages out by, say, the 21st.  Just a random thought.  One does a lot of random thinking when one is forced to be immobile with ice on one's head for 4 bloody days with a headache.

Sometimes, I don't know which is worse: the Headaches or the Depression.  The Depression sure makes you think less pretty things than knitting swaps when you have a Headache;  that's for certain.  And both have shelved gift wrapping for today.

For the longest time, Daughter wanted to go to Japan to teach English.  Our lives became somewhat overrun with things Japanese: bento boxes, woodblock prints, tea ceremonies, cherry blossoms.

Yep.  Pink metallic boots with embroidered cherry blossoms.  You can find just about anything if you look long enough.