Wednesday, August 20, 2014


A quick voting break to show you what our reigning Knitters' Hunk is up to.

Keep voting!  And spreading the word!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Day Two

My sincerest apologies for yesterday's fiasco.  As you can see, I'm trying another poll creator today.  It isn't as attractive as I would like, but, hopefully, it's functional.  It will take you to another page, where up-to-the-minute results are shown, but you can return by clicking the "Back" button.

Since it's Wednesday, and voting has started, I get to announce the first mini-prize winner.  It's PICAdrienne!  If you could send your address to handeyecraftsATSIGNhotmailPERIODcom, I'll get your goodies out to you as soon as I can.  In other victory news, yesterday's winners were:

Cate Blanchett
Steven Yeun
Helen Mirren
Bryan Cranston

And for your consideration today:
````````````KC #3````````````
Brigitte Bardot
Michelle Obama

KC #3 free polls 

!!!!!!!!!!!! KH #3 !!!!!!!!!!!!

Matthew Gray Gubler
Pharrell Williams
KH #3 free polls 
############ KC #4 ############
Rosanne Cash
Marisa Tomei
KC #4 free polls 
%%%%%%%%%%%% KH #4 %%%%%%%%%%%%%
Patrick Dempsey
Robert Downey, Jr.
KH #4 free polls 


Deepest apologies about having to stop everything mid-voting.  This new arrangement is giving me fits.  For instance, vote results aren't supposed to show on any of the contests, but the Cranston/Tennant stats are available everywhere.  I either did or didn't check something off somewhere.  Don't worry --- I'm getting the results on my poll dashboard.   Not seeing results just adds to the suspense, right?  Carry on. . .
KC #1
Cate Blanchett
Mia Wasikowska
Poll Maker

KH #1
Jason Jones
Steven Yeun
Poll Maker

KC #2
Helen Mirren
Shailene Woodley
make a poll

KH #2
Bryan Cranston
David Tennant
Poll Maker


Something has gone competely screwy with the poll.  I"m working to get everything corrected and back online.  Please forgive me, and do come back to vote.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Game Face

Brackets are all filled.  The first day's post is done and ready to be published.  It's going to be a hell of a deal working with this new pollmaker;  that's already abundantly clear.

The chief issue is going to be times for cutting-off voting.  The software I've always used had that option built-in.  This site doesn't.  So we're going to free-wheel the first day, at least.  Voting will end at noon (ET) the day after the poll appears.  That's also when the new ones will go up.  If that raises too many problems, we'll tinker.

Other than that, we're ready to launch.       

A brief reminder of the "rules" of voting:
1.  Have fun.
2.  One vote per pair per day.  No need to be greedy or unfair here.
3.  Because it's all just to have fun.
4.  Additional, outside research on a nominee (Googling other images, watching TV or movies, looking clips up on You Tube) is all a voter's right.
5.  Because that will make it more fun.
6.  Some eye-rolling, pearl-clutching and deep sighing is allowed, even expected.
7.  Because some of the choices will be difficult, but still fun.
8.  Open campaigning is fine.
9.  Just have fun with it.
10.  The owner/operator of the contests reserves the right to ban a voter, or declare any race invalid or over and done at any time.
11.  If someone starts taking the fun out of it.
12.  Only people who submitted nominees are eligible for prizes, but anyone can vote.
13.  That means more fun.
14.  Go forth, be civil, convivial, and HAVE FUN, DAMMIT.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Post Positions

The brackets aren't filled out yet, but I can tell you the top seeds for both the Hunk and the Chick contests.  Of course, the first four for each were pre-set --- the others were based on multiple people nominating the same person.

Knitters' Hunk
1.  Ewan McGregor
2.  Liam Neeson
3.  Sam Neill
4.  Alan Rickman
5.  Michael Fassbender
6.  Mike Rowe
7.  Alexander Skarsgard

Knitters' Chick
1.  Isabella Rossellini
2.  Maggie Smith
3.  Jamie Lee Curtis
4.  Meryl Streep
5.  Rashida Jones

One thing has happened this year that has never happened before: someone sent in nominees anonymously.  The more names the merrier, of course, but what if "Anonymous" wins prizes?  Will (s)he reveal him/herself?  Never thought this little contest would ever have an element of intrigue.

Too, someone sent in a positively brilliant nominee.  Every year, someone nominates a person that makes me smack my forehead in a "Why didn't I think of that?" gesture.  This one is that, plus much, much more.