Friday, November 27, 2015

Mass Merchandising

The deluge of catalogs that comes in the mail this time of year can be a bit overwhelming, don't you agree?  I must admit to looking through most of them, however.  Some go straight to recycling, without ever making it into the house.  (Sorry, LL Bean and Eddie Bauer.)

In the past, I've found really good gifts in catalogs.  Since I boycott so many stores because of their Thanksgiving/Black Friday policies, catalogs come in handy.  And I've discovered a lot of wonderful businesses --- my favorite this year being Fairytale Brownies. Oh, my goodness.  OH MY GOODNESS.  I only ordered brownies and bars, but. . .

I believe I could live for a fair amount of time on the Cheesecake Swirl Bars alone.  Them and cold milk.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

The Lion Sleeps On and Off All Day

Head colds and Thanksgiving don't much go together.  I've been wrapped up in my robe today, and sleeping a lot.  Drainage and sneezing and coughing and drinking hot tea for an achy throat.  Thank goodness I didn't have a house full of guests to cook for.  And entertain.  I had a few side dishes from Trader Joe's to bake, and, when Briton came over after work, I was able to watch him eat.

Please don't feel sorry for me.  There was always a football game on when I was awake.  I balled up some sock yarn, and cast a pair on.  I'm not running a fever, though my skin sure feels like I am.  Barring an extreme emergency, I'll be in all day tomorrow, too.  Plenty of recuperation time.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

To The Day

My plan for today was to go to CVS and get my flu shot.  Then, last night, at about this time, I started feeling slow and sleepy.  My joints started to ache and my head to hurt.

Long story short, I didn't get my shot today.  And I've been excessively drowsy.  Plus my throat is starting to tickle.  I took Hannah home from work a couple of nights ago, and she was on her third day of The Crud;  I suspect she shared.

SO, maybe a flu shot Friday?

Hannah is going to have lunch with her boyfriend's family tomorrow.  Will (the boyfriend) was very kind, and invited me along.  They're meeting about an hour away from here, though, and with my incipient whatever-it-is, I turned the invitation down.  Then, they're going to a co-worker's tomorrow night.  Briton works all day, so he may, or may not, stop by after he's done.  I've got some Thanksgiving-y things I can prepare if he'd like.  We'll just have to see.

For those of you who are going to have full houses and tables, and whose ovens will be pouring forth all sorts of delicious smells, please know that I hope you and yours have a cozy, happy, non-stress day.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Right This Minute

Right this minute, I am thankful for
1) my very most comfortable sweat pants --- which have "Commodores" written down the left leg;
2) Harpo Marx --- he would be 127 today;
3) the Rustic Apple Tarte from Trader Joes's --- I take a nibble each time I pass through the kitchen;
4) the cloudish, rainish sky;
5) learning new ways to wear scarves;
6) this cold Dr Pepper;
7) Rupert snoring beside me;
8) Riley snoring behind me;
9) the fun catalogs that came in today's mail;
10) word games.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Happy Holiday?

I don't know how my grandparents ever did it --- getting all the children to be at a holiday.  My mother was one of five children, my father one of seven, no one lived in the same city, and yet, there was always That Day that everyone stuffed into those little houses (!) and ate and caught up and ate and tried to out-brag and ate.

After eating (for the first time!), I would always go with my uncles and watch whatever sport was on the really snowy, static-y TV.  Or, if it was warm enough, I'd join them outside, where they were  smoking or chewing and just shooting the breeze.  Maybe whittling.  I have wonderful HD-picture quality memories of me and Daddy handing a block of cedar back and forth, taking turns with his pocketknife, seeing who could shave off the smoothest, thinnest slice.

All that to say that I have two children, who don't have children, and who live in the same city as me, and we can't figure out if we're going to be able to get together this Thursday or not.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Not Gonna Break

Although I didn't "officially" "join" the blog-all-November deal, I have been posting daily, just to prove to myself that I can.

Today, I have a headache that is pulsing down through my jaw, neck and shoulders.  I've been on the verge of throwing up all day.  But I'm not gonna not post.

Nobody said the posts had to be lengthy, or even interesting, for that matter.