There Is. . .

. . . a box here, which is gradually filling up with prizes for Knitters' Hunk and Knitters' Chick winners.  Finding prize treasures is such fun.

. . . a pair of boots that I would very much like to have, but it is prohibitively expensive:
Half-boots are scarcely ever a sell for me, but these are too pretty not to covet.

. . . nothing like having a Five Guys connection when you're a hungry puppy.

. . . no way the baby I showed you the other day has had time to grow into this gorgeous creature:

. . . a line of storms headed this way.  Not a problem;  I have knitting and books, and I made a grocery run today.

. . . someone right behind me, isn't there?


People who blog every day (yes, looking at you Kathy) amaze me.  How do you come up with things to write about?  Other than having jobs and interests and friends and places to go and families to talk to?

Questions? Answers.

1* When are you most hungry?  Morning , Noon or Night? Night. 2* Are you still eating Easter Candy? No;  I didn't have any to begin with. 3* Do you keep a shawl or wrap in your car? No.  Honestly, I don't get that cold that often. 4* Have you ever knit a snood? I have.  One of my most treasured knits is a snood my mother made for me when she was here after Hannah was born. 5* What’s a neighbor’s most annoying habit? Yelling.  There's a family across the street that never has ANY kind of conversation without screaming it. 6* What’s the population of your town? With UGA students, it's about 125,000.  Without them, I think it goes down to 110,00 or so. 7* What did you knit on this weekend? Baby hats. 8* Have you ever ridden a tandem bike? No. 9* Laundry: top load or front load? Top. 10.* Price of your last haircut? $12.00


"Moana" is as gorgeous a movie as I have ever seen.  Hannah invited me over to watch it at her place, mother/daughter time.  I met Lemon.  Well, I saw her a couple of times before she got put into Time Out for misbehaving.  She wouldn't have had a lot of room to visit with me anyway:
I've been a Burt's Bees fan for a long time, but had never tried this
until this week.  It's wonderful, especially on your feet.  They stay cool and drier than normal.  It's difficult to describe how the cream-to-powder feels;  it doesn't turn into a true powder, but your skin has the silky, smooth feel of having powder on it.  I can't recommend it highly enough.  BB peppermint foot lotion and tomato skin toner are also products I don't like to be without.  Unfortunately, the toner is impossible to find anywhere but online.
I went through a box of my parents' photographs and came across these pictures of the animals in my life as I grew up. In the middle is L…


This arrived via text last night;  my daughter and her boyfriend adopted a cat.  She's five months old and has been christened "Lemon" because her eyes are so brightly yellow.  She isn't too keen on Klunk yet.  He, according to reports, was a little curious when she got home, but didn't seem to mind her.
If any cat could shrug, it would be Klunk.


Hooray;  baby giraffe has arrived! Next to his parents, he looks almost like a toy, but when you put him next to anything else, you realize his size.  He's already taller than me: 5'9".
There's a naming contest for him.  I submitted "Reveille," as his arrival trumpeted us all awake yesterday.  That came to me as I was tumbling names around in my head.  His sire's name is Oliver, which, backward --- revilo --- brought Reveille to mind.
Babies are also front and center knitting-wise.  Two people in my orbit are expecting --- one having a boy, the other a girl.  I'm going with basics just now --- burp cloths, wash cloths, etc.  There's a little time yet in both pregnancies, so there's time to decide on the fancier things.  This is my first knitwear model, now waiting to be a big brother.  Time does fly.

Sights to Behold

I've been behind corrective lenses since I was 10.  Although I don't recall what originally sent me to the eye doctor, I have a vivid recollection of the "glasses" I had to wear after having my pupils dilated for the exam. They were made from what felt like photo film, and I'm sure I wore them longer than I needed because I thought they were groovy.
Hey, it was 1970 --- cut me some slack.
When I turned 18, I bought myself contacts.  Of course, there have always been glasses, and, for the last several years, I forsook my contacts because, really --- where was I going to go that needed me to be cute and eye-makeup-y?
Long story short, I'm back in contacts some of the time.  The week before last, after a long time with what I thought were glasses and eyesight troubles, I had an eye exam.  No need to change my glasses, but I do have extremely dry eyes.  So, eye drops for me, and while I was there, why not some contacts, too?  I'd budgeted for glasses, and co…