Friday, December 15, 2017

All Over the Place

My maiden name is Spence.  I really like smoked salmon.  Imagine my delight, therefore, upon seeing this today at Fresh Market:
Yes, I bought it.  Yes, I've already eaten some.  Yes, I'll be keeping the box.  Yes, I've been to the website.  Yes, I'd like to think that is Spence Castle.

Hannah now has a second job, at Starbucks.  She was super-excited after her first couple of days, with all the (quite) remarkable benefits, and her access to all kinds of coffees and teas.  She soon, though, began to be overwhelmed by all of the possibilities, and sort of hit a shaky bottom when she had to work Drive-Thru.  She's always been an excellent worker, brilliant at working with customers;  I've never seen or heard her like that.  I tried to soothe her by pointing out that she had never, ever worked a drive-thru before.  But you know how it is when you're really down on your life and feeling sorry for yourself --- nothing anyone says makes any difference.

I was going to go back to see Briton's play this weekend, but all the show are sold out.  Hurray!

The Advent Nativity is up to a total of four camels now.  Today brought a shepherd for the three sheep.  There are nine days to go yet --- Baby Jesus, three Wisemen, an angel probably, another palm tree?  I can't come up with 9.  Which makes each day fun.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Pictures, and This

When you and your daughter go to see your son and her brother in his play, you want to take a picture of them.  You mention this to them, and one begins to get in frame while the other chats with a member of the audience:

Therefore, you use one of the clearest signals in the Known Universe, the Mom Throat Clear, and, voila:

And on the subject of families, the Holy Family is coming together:

Two weeks from today!

Friday, December 8, 2017

Rainy Night in Georgia

Cold and wet here today, which I say, for the umpteenth time, I thoroughly enjoy.  Some parts of the state north and west of us are seeing the rain turn to snow.  It would be a sincere wish of mine that we, too, would get snow, but tonight is opening night of Briton's play, so it needs to stay traversable to be sure the audience can get there.

Most of my knitting time today has been spent on the linen stitch scarf made with my Paintbox yarn samples:

I'm using the colors in the order they come out of the box, to avoid my sometimes less than stellar color-matching.  Twinnie got all the color talent genes.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Last Minute

There wasn't any news to share with you today, but then I looked up and saw this, and couldn't not share.

Welcome to My Life with Rupert.

Monday, December 4, 2017

The Camel

Today's addition to my Advent Nativity was a camel:

I read once that camels don't concern themselves with how long, or how difficult, their journey is, as long as their footing is sure.  Which made me immediately accept the camel as my spirit animal.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

The Season

Thinking about what to do with the little daily nuggets of Paintbox yarns, I remembered the Linen Stitch Scarf.  I started one once, but somehow completely lost the pattern and gave it up.  This time, I'll make every effort not to.  Doing this means assuming that there is nothing else in the Advent calendar but yarn, which is fine.  Fine, too, if there are some non-yarn surprises!

Have you begun getting holiday cards?  A few have arrived here, with photos of children who have grown so much I can't quite fathom it.  Yesterday I got one from a friend who'll be celebrating her first Christmas as a mom.  Her son is just old enough to see it all as magic;  is there anything more wonderful than a baby looking up at holiday lights?

On the subject of lights:

I love Christmas.  

Friday, December 1, 2017

Let the Advent-ing Begin!

I get to start turning these little cubes over every morning!  (By the way, there isn't a bite taken out of Santa's hat.  He's against a white wall.)

I also get to open little doors here daily:
I splurged (WAY splurged) and got myself an Advent calendar from Paint Box.  Today's little goodie:

Remember my showing you my teeny little Nativity a while back?  I found a place for it yesterday, and continue to smile over Baby Jesus:
It's the little chullo.  He seems so warm and snug!

That was to be my only Nativity this year, but I saw this one at Bas Bleu and had to bite.  Today is the first day of it, too:

No real surprise that the stable would be the first out of the box:
(It came in pieces.  I felt very accomplished sliding the balsa wood slots together.)

My tree is in and the lights are on it.  No pictures until all the ornaments are on.  This is the earliest it's been up in a while.  I'm usually decorating on the day of the Army/Navy game, which isn't until next Saturday.  There'll be presents under there then.

All Over the Place

My maiden name is Spence.  I really like smoked salmon.  Imagine my delight, therefore, upon seeing this today at Fresh Market: Yes, I ...