Tuesday, June 19, 2018

#Chewy Influencer --- Dog Food

The long search for a wet dog food that Rupert will eat continues.  He will chomp down on baked chicken, so I had hoped that this chicken recipe would work.  Nope.  A little sniff, the tiniest lick of the gravy. . .  That was it.

So now I have some small breed dog food to donate to a local shelter.  For that, thanks to Chewy.com.

Each month, I request products from Chewy.com to honestly review.  There are no monetary transactions whatsoever.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Mixed Bag

Do any of you fellow bloggers ever go back and revisit old posts?  For some reason, I began looking at the list of labels there to the right and checked in on a few of them.  My takeaways?  Sometimes I write real good, sometimes real bad.  Some things I have no recollection of, so it was nice to be reminded.

On the subject of past posts, my last one.  Twinnie asked about the yarn on the Sad Single Size 17 Needle.  It's Lion Brand's "Fast Track":
It's basically flat strips of t-shirt fabric --- fun to knit with.  If I ever get the sweater finished (nope, haven't found the needle.  And who has a spare pair of needles that size?), it will be interesting to see if it's a bit heavy to wear.

Bridget warned me to take care as I sit down until the needle turns up. WAY ahead of you, darling friend.  My mother once sat on one, and the image of the hole in her thigh is quite clear.

I'm reading a very good, very readable book: Rosemary.  Raised by a Kennedyphile, raising an advocate for the disabled, always having preferred non-fiction to novels, this book is right down my alley.

Oh, and remember the Frankensocks I was beginning a while back?  
Done and done.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Are You Good at Solving Mysteries?

How does one lose a size 17 knitting needle?  Especially a 13 3/4" long, bright red plastic size 17 knitting needle?  'Cause I have.  
And a sweater is hanging in the balance.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Young 'Uns

We have chirping!  You must be very still, and stand very close to the swing, but you can definitely hear those wee little peeps.  There seem to be three hatchlings, but again, the nest is so deep and so far back in the swing it's hard to tell for sure.
How wonderfully cute, huh?

Hannah's birthday is on the horizon, and her request of me was to have her nails done.  She opted for SNS, which is some new-fangled sort of non-acrylic or non-gel thing.  Me, I just polish my nails myself with regular polish when my nails are long enough.  Which they were the day before yesterday, the day before we were scheduled to go and have our nails done together.  The ring and little fingernails on my right hand broke, which meant that my manicure and polish were going to be done on nails much shorter than I'd've polished myself.  Still, we had fun girly time at the nail salon and Ulta Beauty, and here's proof:
And, yes, I do have a thumb on that hand, btw.  😉

Monday, June 4, 2018

New Friends

The baby wrens have hatched!  It was sometime between Noon and now --- I saw Mama still brooding at lunchtime.  I tried to take a video, but nothing's clear in it.  That little nest is surprisingly deep, and everyone in it is, of course, varying shades of brown.  I saw three open-wide mouths, but heard no chirps. I didn't want to look too long, as Mama was clearly out hunting for food. Here's a picture from the Web to give you an idea, and to tide you over until I'm --- hopefully --- able to provide my own.

I've got at least two other WebFriends with brand-new bird babies or eggs in nests right now.  Of course, none of the birds were thinking this when these nests were built, but it's as if they're choosing to share these moments with us.  I, for one, am grateful for that.

Saturday, June 2, 2018


What time is it?

That's right ---Frankensocks time!  I cleaned out the bedroom closet and found this bag of sock-weight leftovers.  I've already cast on.

It appears none of you were familiar with the bent double-points.  I've yet to decide whether to buy any.  Thank goodness there are sock patterns for straights.

Twinnie left a comment suggesting using two circulars.  I've actually done that.  Once.  It was the only pair of socks I ever knit circularly.  They were a chocolate brown heather, and I gave them to my mother.  She always insisted that it was possible for me to learn DPNs, but it's just never happened.

We've had some ferocious thunder storms over the past couple of days.  One, in the middle of the night, caused Rupert to urgently request that he be put off the bed to take cover under a table.  Earlier that day, "plain" rain produced this:
An enormous, full rainbow.  So big, in fact, that it wouldn't all fit into my camera lens.  The brightest, most complete rainbow I've ever seen here.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

All About You

Have any of you ever used the "bent" double-pointed needles?
Mary Maxim (where I got this photo) sells them, and I wonder if they might help me with my Serious DPN Deficiency.  I'm especially drawn to the "resting place" for your fingers there on the left, as one of my real problems is just holding the dang things.

#Chewy Influencer --- Dog Food

The long search for a wet dog food that Rupert will eat continues.  He will chomp down on baked chicken, so I had hoped that this chick...