Thunder-y Monday

*What’s your safe place in turbulent weather?
Interesting that you ask this on a stormy day here!  I'm quite content to sit where I can watch the weather.
*Are you more likely to alter a pattern or stick right to the instructions?
I'm more likely to stick to the instructions, but I do alter on occasion.
*Would you rather a hot tub or a cold pool?
Hot tub.
*What was the name of a pet you grew up with?
First, Lupo, a boxer, then Country, a beagle.
*How many knit dishcloths do you use, or have on hand?
Well, I use all that I have, and I would guess there are 8 of them, maybe?
*Have you ever been give an trophy?
Yes, I have.  No, I don't have them anymore.
*Would you rather knit, under a shady tree, poolside or beside a roaring fire?
Shady tree.


  1. Shady tree is my choice too. :-)

  2. Shady tree! thats three !! of us. Thanks for playing along Lady! I love the dog named COUNTRY!!!

  3. Hot tub, shady tree, and watching turbulent weather FTW!


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