Fun and Games

The Verdant Gryphon is one of my favorite places to buy yarn.  Their yarn is pricey, so I can't shop there often, but when I do, my picks are always based on the names of the colorways rather than the colorways themselves.  This
is "Wonka Bar."  It was part of a "Twinsies" set, so I bought the set and sent one of the skeins to My Twinnie.  We are now having our own little knitalong, making the Coastal Cap.  I've only got a little over three rows knit;  there'll be photos here when there is more to show.

Tomorrow, there will be a fairly big Knitters' Hunk/Knitters' Chick contest here.  There are going to be five questions, and the first five people to answer them correctly will be winners.  The first winner will choose a prize from five possibilities.  The second will choose from the four prizes left, the third from three, the second from two, and the prize that is left will go to the fifth respondent.  Questions, and photos of the prizes, will be up tomorrow. 

Watch this space.


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