The results of Lily's autopsy showed that she had intestinal lymphoma.  My vet said that there wasn't anything that could have been done, and that the decision to let her go was the right one.  I don't believe in the concept of "closure," but this answered my questions about what happened.

Today was sort of Delivery Day around here.  The last of my Harry's Hundred to the men's shelter, woman/child knits to Project Safe, a scarf to the woman who cuts my hair, and a scarf to a cashier at CVS who just makes me happy.  Harry's Hundred, by the way, has already reached its goal --- kudos to Bridget for the idea, and the knitters and crocheters who got involved.

I also got BFF's Hanukkah present in the mail, so I'm feeling rather smug.  And there's absolutely nothing I have to do until next Wednesday when I go back to therapy.

The tree's been done for several days.  There are no gifts underneath it because Riley seems to think ribbons are a major food group.  In all the years I've had cats, I've never had a single one bother a tree, or even an ornament.  But Riley wants to chew ribbon.  Presents, therefore, are being stacked elsewhere.  Not very Christmas-y, but you do what you have to do.


  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH for your Harry's Hundred contributions! Seriously, it wouldn't have reached the goal without your help. :-)

    Jetsam is a bow-chewer. As a result, gifts only go under the tree when Santa brings them. That way, by morning, there is minimal damage ...


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