P(eace) O(f) M(ind) Swap

To the POM Swappers:  I will be contacting you by e-mail with your partner's name and address shortly.  Nancy, I don't have an e-mail or an address for you --- could you send your address to me at handeyecraftsathotmaildotcom so that I can get you set up?

Here is how the swap will go:
1) I will send each swapper a piece of cardstock.  She is to use that cardstock to make something for her giftee.  Cut it to make a bookmark, fold it to make a card, paste a picture on it, write a quote, whatever you can think of!  But what you make must be
a) about what brings your giftee peace of mind
b) must have a pom-pom on it.  String the pom-pom, glue it on directly, use it in the "artwork" --- again, whatever you can think of!  You can make a pom-pom yourself, or buy a bag of them at Dollar Tree or Michael's or practically any store that sells crafting supplies.

2) Include one other thing in your gift that, again, brings calm to the recipient.  With the holidays bearing down on us, I wish each of us quiet moments to find things that restore our souls.  I have never put a dollar limit on a swap, but I will say that I think this could be done, and done well, for under $10.

3)  If you're moved to include extra items, go ahead.  The mandate is two, but you are free to add if you'd like.

4)  Have your package in the mail no later than Monday, November 28th.

Contact me if you have any questions.  Now, get out there and calm someone down!!


  1. Haven't received the email yet, but my mind is percolating!


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