Friday, September 16, 2016

Chow Time!

It's September, and a new chance to try some products!

First up, 
Natural Balance Cat Food.  This is a pate', and my cats are accustomed to eating shreds or bits, so it took them a minute to figure out what was going on.  But then, as Lily's blurry head attests, they dug into it:
I've since mixed the Natural Balance with their regular food, and both Lily and Erin clean their plates.

Next was Nulo dry cat food:
(Yes, I did ask for the Adult Trim, but don't let the cats know.  They're very sensitive about their looks.)  Once again:
a hit the first time out of the bag.  Erin (the gray) sort of nudged Riley (the black) out of the way to perform a taste test.  Since that first feeding, I have to say that Erin and Lily have turned rather cold toward this food.  But, guess who stepped in in their places?
Yep, Rupert.  Finn sort of "taught" him to eat the cats' dry food.  Sorry about the blurriness, but he was chewing as I snapped the photo.  He has a very odd way of eating dry food;  he drops pieces on the floor (those "spots" on the right), then picks them up and eats them from there.  To each his own!

So, cat-wise, the Natural Balance and the Nulo both get a "B."  Dog-wise, an "A" for the Nulo!

Each month, I request and receive samples from to test.  My reviews are honest accounts of our experiences.  No monetary, or any type of, remuneration takes place.

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  1. Chewy is always fun mail for us . Sometimes the cats just run to the new food and in a day....meh...they want the old back. I have begun to order litter from Chewy on a regular basis so I dont have to drag it from the pet shop. Glad to see the grades


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