Summer Truths

 It is suffocatingly hot.  (Duh.) 

If I were a high school boy, I would so have a crush on Camren Bicondova.
She plays the-so-young-she-isn't-Catwoman-yet Catwoman on Gotham, which is my current binge show.  

If you can't find a parking spot right in front of the frozen yogurt shop, your carefully constructed confection will be 3/4 melted by the time you walk to your car.

For everyone to reap the benefits of a ceiling fan, Maximum Couch Capacity is one human, one dog, and one cat.

Having the same "I am serious;  I honestly don't like watermelon" conversation over and over is tiresome.


  1. I too do not like watermelon even my two year old granddaughter looks at me like I am nuts, I don't like any melon at all!!!

  2. I am picky about my watermelon. IT absolutely has to be very sweet and not grainy.
    I like these dark chocolate banana bites . .THey are awesome


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