Monday Qs and As

That's right --- I'm taking Kathy's questions and her title.

*After a long day of knitting would you rather:
a) soak in a hot tub
b) have a massage
c) have a manicure
This is SO easy.  Massage.  Always massage.

*Many of us are sock knitters.
Have you ever put rubber dots on the sock bottoms for slippage? 
No;  I didn't even know you could get those.  All I've ever seen are leather soles.

*Super secret Revelation:
I haven't had a pedicure yet this season.  WHAT? Hush, no shame as the Fat Squirrel knitter Amy Beth would say. 
When was your last pedi?
Never have I ever had a pedicure.  And never shall I ever get one.  I avoid drawing attention to my feet.

*Are you waiting for anything to bloom in your garden?
                                Only in the video game on my phone.  There are daisies there.               

*Do you own anything at all, anything, solar powered?
Sadly, no.

*So Many CUBS are in the All Star lineup this year.  It is so super exciting to me.  Will you watch the home run contest or the game?  Neither? Both? 
If anything, I'll watch the home run contest.  I was a big Cubs fan when Briton was a baby --- staying at home with him, I watched a lot of games.  Those were the Andre Dawson/Ryne Sandberg years.  As a matter of fact, my baseball glove is a Ryne Sandberg model. 


  1. Boy Ryan Sandberg looks gray and old now! Still a handsome one. Maybe a HUNK?


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