Today's Vocabulary Word: "Quora"

Kathy has renamed her Monday Question Session "Quora Time."  Quora is a very, very interesting website.  As in, the kind you can spend LOTS of time on.

Anyway, the renaming was spurred by a game of Bananagrams (love it!) with her son, Zach.  And these week's questions are:

Yes, and by candlelight, too.

Do you play board or card games in summer?
Yes, both virtual and real.

Are you hooked on Amy Beth?
No.  I don't do podcasts.

Are you angry at a bird? 
No.  Birds are pretty, and they fascinate the cats.

Have you discovered you were wrong about something? Want to share?
Oh, SO many things!  I've misjudged people.  I've (unknowingly) given false answers.  I've over-estimated myself.

You are given a gift.  To a spa.  Would you get a massage, a facial, mani pedi or scalp treatment?
Massage.  I use a facial mask every morning, I do my own nails, I don't want anyone to have to deal with my feet.

Do you use a provisional cast on?
No.  I never have.

Have you lost a swift?
No.  I didn't have one until very recently anyway.

Is your 2016 New Years Plan still rocking it?
If by "Plan," you mean "resolutions," no, because I don't make any.

Have you made lemonade pie? 
Yes, indeed, I have.

Do you ask SIRI , What planes are overhead?
No.  I don't have SIRI.


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