Last year was The Year of Knitting Kits.  This year is both The Year of Charity Knitting and The Year of Knitalongs.

Clue Three of the Vikings KAL is underway:
The sections are made to represent The Heavens, The Earth, and The Sea.  There are enough short rows to make the knitting over 400 or so stitches go quickly, but there will be a boatload to bind off.  (Ha!  "Boatload," "Vikings" --- see what I did there?)

Today is the start of Kelli's "All Things Oregon Shawl."  There are a dozen or so of us along for the ride.  We got a pre-clue last night:
I haven't worked on it today;  I'll post progress as I go along.  My main color is "Charleston" from Three Irish Girls, and the secondary is Alchemy's Juniper.  I bought it (the Juniper) at Stitches South last year, along with 2 other colors I thought would make a nice scarf.  It matches the Charleston so well, though. . .

Briton and I went to see "Zootopia" this afternoon --- great fun.  Then we had a meal at our favorite Mexican restaurant.  It was a nice way to spend part of my day.



  1. I'm eager to hear what all the Oregon things are!

  2. Great work on the KAL! The colors for your other project are made for each other. We saw Zootopia also! It was awesome- it was imax 3D and I didn't get motion sick or a headache! I actually found the 3D additive for once. Our whole crowd of 6 loved it. Happy you saw it and feasted with your son! How cute were the sloths?! And the arctic shrews?!?

  3. Wow, your Vikings shawl is soooo pretty! And I can't wait to see how the Oregon KAL goes, with that pretty yarn.

    I want to see Zootopia - it looks like it would be so much fun!

  4. Ohhhh I love your choice of main and secondary!!!


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