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Kathy's Meme!  Join in;  spread the joy!

Today's Monday Meme: Two by Two

* What tempts you most ?  
Your local yarn shop sale or
An online sale?
Oh, online.  Easy.  The choices are practically endless.

* Which do you put off more?
Weaving in ends
or button placement?
I tend to weave in as I go, so, I guess, buttons.

*Winter hats,
Pompom or no pompom? 
I am insanely anti-pom.  I'm not sure why, but, man, I am serious about it.

*Electric blanket or down?
Another easy one;  down.  I'm too hot-natured for electric blankets.

*Travel plans:
pay for the tour or discover on your own?
Discover on my own.

*2016 Vacation plans?
In the works or already bought the tickets?
Nothing yet.

*Photographs: outdoors or indoors?

*Scarf or cowl?
Cowl for looks, but scarf for warmth.  As far as knitting one, probably cowl.  They tend to go a little faster.

I hope none of you are struggling with the weather.  Here's my friend Shari, in her Pennsylvania front yard on Saturday:


  1. Pom poms elicit strong emotions! Thanks for playing !


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