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Back in the Chain, Gang

The new modem is here!  It did not arrive on Saturday, as had been promised, but today.  Still --- here.  And, sheesh, was there a lot to catch up on.  The best thing to do is just pick a point from which to restart, and go.

First, and saddest, Briton had Buddy put down this afternoon.  After all the treatment at UGA and our vets', Bud just wasn't doing any better.  It was time.  But as every pet owner knows, it's never, never easy.
You made Briton really happy, Buddy.  Thank you.

Second, I'm hearing from some of you about Blankapalooza.  The main question seems to be about blocking.  It would certainly make things easier when seaming the pieces together for them to be pre-blocked, but I'm not going to insist on it.  As long as it's 6" x 6" when it gets here, we're good.  (I made my square last night.  Plain stockinette in white, for gardenias.)

Third, Bridget is taking this year, which would have been marked by her father's 100th birthday, to do something in his honor.  She's calling the effort Harry's Hundred --- one hundred items made and donated to organizations who work predominantly with male clients.  You can read all about it by clicking on the link.  I'm hoping to have enough blankets from The Palooza to aid in the count.  Go on over and take a look;  this looks and feels like a good year for charity knitting.

Fourth, look at these slammin' wristwarmers:
Quick as a wink to make, and so different. . .

Fifth, Madeleine is doing very well.  She goes back to UGA Wednesday for a glucose curve.
She's probably got that covered.


  1. Such a sad event to let a pet go, but it happens to all of us animal lovers. Celebrate the time spent together, and think about another pet. Our own senior dog may not still be with us next New Year's.

  2. Poor sweetie, and poor Briton. Better than seeing your kitty sick, but it still sucks.

    Thanks for the mention of Harry's Hundred, my friend. :-)

    Madeline looks like her regular self again, I'm happy to see.

    Good news and bad news. Such is life. Take care, Kim!

  3. Kim, sorry if I have too many questions about the blankapalooza but wondered if you could share what type of yarn (weight) and needle size you used to create your square!! thanks and I am sorry to hear about the loss of the dog, that is so sad!

  4. BLess you all during your grief. Its rough.
    THose wristwarmers just ROCK IT! great color

  5. I'm so sorry to hear about Buddy. I'm sending huge hugs.
    PS I think all of those squares I sent were too big- you could pull a few rows out, I guess. Sorry!


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