It seems that all I've done lately is drive to and from the UGA Vet School.  And every trip brought more stress, more nerves, more concern, more and bigger bills.

Madeleine has been doing quite well.  She is eating ravenously.  Though Lily, Erin and Riley seem to have quasi-adjusted to the every-12-hours feeding schedule, she pipes up every time I go into the kitchen.  Which is often.  Interestingly, though, it's Lily who wakes me up each morning.  She will come sit on me and pip (she doesn't really "meow") until I'm awake.  Barring anything unforeseen, Maddie is free until another glucose curve the first week of January.

 Buddy, God love him, has been moved successfully today from UGA to our vet's.  The willingness of UGA to let him go, and Dr. Smith to take him in, makes me feel better about him.  The ominous-sounding "underlying causes" that everyone kept talking about as what were making him so much sicker than his diabetes tied me in knots, sent my mind to the very worst possibilities.  However, kidney troubles may be the major issue.  Which means only giving him antibiotics along with the insulin.  In fact, Dr. Smith is working toward getting him home by Christmas!  I would never have thought that possible.

Fingers crossed.

My girl Camille sent me a Box of Good, which I received over the weekend.  I took things out of the box one at a time, and stretched emptying it out as long as I could.  There were crocheted squares in fantastic colors, which I just realized I don't have pictures of.  I'll get on that.

The squares were in and around this:

How cute is that?  And she made it.  

When you need a smile, someone almost always steps in, don't you find?


  1. Hearts from mine to yours for the furry babies who need extra love

  2. Stella and Jessie are so happy for your cat news! So glad breathing has begun again.

  3. From our felines to yours...Meowy Christmas! Love your gift bowl

  4. Our two cats and three dogs (who all have learned to tolerate and even love our cats) send their best wishes to you and all your furry friends!

  5. Twinster--is your green santa holding a cat? I can't believe we have the same decoration (ok of course I can believe it).


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