Someone posted this video on Facebook the other day, which reminded me of how much I love the sound of horses' hooves on ground.  Which made me thaink about other not-so-obvious sounds that make me happy.  (Things other than babies laughing, rain on tin roofs, etc.)

A basketball going through the net.
Someone with taps on their shoes walking.
The pops and hisses on vinyl records.
A typewriter's carriage being thrown back.  (Not the bell, though.  The bell annoys.)
Ice cubes being put into a glass glass.
Tires running through a patch of water on the road.
An ice skater stopping by shaving the ice.

Speaking of ice, hockey season has begun.  It's a sport, so you know I'm interested.  Even bought myself a new knitting bag to celebrate:

Who's "Lundqvist," some of you may ask.  He's this guy.

You're reconsidering your own stance on hockey now, aren't you? 


  1. Well, I'm sorry but I cannot support a New York Rangers player. ;-)

  2. I LOVE that video of the horse running to her. My Huck dog would come from ANYWHERE when I called him softly! I love the sounds of hooves too.
    I love these sounds:
    canoe paddling quiet water
    gravel roads under my bike
    the rhythmic sound of someone outside shoveling snow
    the sound of the absence of sound

  3. Love it!!!! Him. Sigh. Love the sound of blades on ice, and the puck. And my heart beat because of Henrik the Great and Noble. :)


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