Mixed Bag

I had a gorgeous day for a drive yesterday, and made very good time.  My room is small, and awkwardly-shaped, but very nice.  One thing about it is driving me crazy, though:
How do you not center a round table under a round  light fixture?  There's plenty of room --- it's sort of making me twitch.  And, yes, I tried to move the table.  It's cast iron and weighs a ton;  I couldn't budge it even a teeny bit.

The main reason I came up early (Stitches starts tomorrow) was because today is my Daddy's birthday, and I wanted to go to the cemetery.  It was tough --- I haven't been here in 3+ years.  I'm skirting around the parts of town that would open the floodgates.  My twinnie sent me a message a while back saying, ". . .you are strong and you can do this."  I don't know how many times I've repeated that to myself even before I got here.  And I sure said it a lot today.  Thanks, Twinster --- you helped get me through it.

Before I left this morning (giving myself a day out to go places, see friends), I got word that my Uncle Tommy died yesterday.  He was my mother's baby brother.  All the arrangements aren't quite clear yet, but I know several plans for my stay are going to be changed.

I had to go for comfort food tonight:
Dry-rub ribs and collard greens.  


  1. I'm sorry for your loss. (And the table not being centered would make me ca-razy

  2. Oh Kim, Im sorry. You had enough grief to deal with and now this.
    I hope Stitches lifts your spriits!


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