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All our Christmas decorations are kept in the closet of Hannah's bedroom.  As I bring down the boxes and bins to pack all the bits and bobs for next year, I'm trying to clean up other things in the closet.  Today, I found a box full of cards for every occasion, and going back as far as I-don't-know-because-I'm-not-at-the-bottom-of-the-box-yet.  The first one I looked at was the card Dale gave me for his last Christmas.  Needless to say, crying ensued.

We all knew that was going to be his last, but we tried so hard to treat it like a normal one.  (Briton was 9, Hannah 5, at the time.)  We gave him gifts we knew he wouldn't have time to use. I only took pictures of the children and my parents that day;  he didn't want any of him because he looked skeletal.  Just like everything else in life, holidays come around whether you're ready for them, or feel like celebrating them.


Today's boots are among my very favorite.  I wear them a lot.
Finn would not move off the couch.

I love the stitching on these,
even on the heels:
As you can see, Finn still hadn't moved.

They even match my new socks.


  1. Still, at least you have some solid reminders of Dale. Not that they are necessary, and they can bring on tears, but I still like that they are there.

    I think the reason Finn wouldn't move is because he likes those boots as much as you do! :-)

  2. The loss of your Dale is so difficult Im so sorry .
    Troy's mom died a week after Christmas. That last Christmas was so so sad. It hurts to think about it again. Your children were SOOOO young . All of you have suffered so much. I wish you Peace in 2015

  3. I see why you like those books.

    Dale's passing was before I found you. I am so sorry for your loss.


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