Wednesday, June 25, 2014


The book I'm reading, Diagnosing Giants, is proving quite intriguing.  It's a collection of thirteen post-mortem diagnoses of some of the most famous people in history.  The stories themselves are engrossing, but what makes this book particularly fun is that the author doesn't tell you whose story you're reading.  He refers to each subject as "the patient" until the time is right for revealing the identity.  It's masterful.

I've read seven of the stories, and figured out who five of the patients were before they were indentified.  Granted, one was a wild and, ultimately, lucky, guess.  And one of the remaining stories is known to me because it's been the "hook" all the booksellers and reviewers have been using.  (And a hint --- if you are interested in reading this, just buy it.  Don't look anything up online because patients' identities are revealed.  I managed to look away from one just a split-second too late and saw the name of one of the upcoming patients.)

Anyway, if you want to take a little break from your knitting, or need something to do between World Cup games, I recommend this book very highly.


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