Ten on Tuesday

Ten Things My Mother Taught Me

1.  How to knit
2.  To love books
3.  How to make easy and ridiculously good dumplings.
4.  To say "Sir" and "Ma'am"
5.  An appreciation for Jumbles, crosswords and jigsaw puzzles
6.  To always write thank you notes
7.  How to put up fruit, vegetables and jelly
8.  How to balance a checkbook
9.  How to backcomb hair
10.  How to piece a quilt


  1. Awww You got me thinking.
    1. i don't know how to back comb hair

    My mom taught me:
    1. to each his own
    2. if you don't' slow down, God will knock you down
    3. to Pray to the Blessed Mother
    4. to nap
    5. to take care of babies ( we fostered babies as a family)
    6. to use comet cleanser in the sinks
    7 to never smoke cigarettes, she's still addicted


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