On Sorting

Last Thursday, I woke up with a nosebleed and a headache so intense, it was painful to wear my glasses.  It lasted two days.  As you can imagine, there was no reading, hardly any viewing of any sort, and very little knitting in those two days.  If something was going to mean eye exertion, it was completely off the table.

At some point in those dark, ice pack hours, I decided I should go through my boxes of yarn.  At first, I thought I should sort the yarn by color.  Then, I thought I'd do it by weight.  But yesterday, when I actually began sorting, I realized that I needed to leave everything like it was.  Part of the fun of new projects is going through all your yarn and being reminded of what you have.

Of course, one danger of coming across yarn you forgot you had is wanting to use some of it right now.  So, yeah, I cast on (*number redacted*) new things yesterday.  

Another danger --- at least for me --- is feeling frustrated at how little yarn one has for whole sweaters.  If one had, say, exercised a little self-control and saved all the money one used to buy single skeins at a time, there would have been plenty to buy garment amounts.

Still, socks and scarves and shawls and hats are good, aren't they?

My first "Animal" sock:

There may be some very cool news regarding my little knitting business soon;  fingers crossed!


  1. WHAT?? A little knitting business? I cannot wait to hear. How wonderful. You must be feeling good! Progression towards goals is so important in our lives with depression.
    I love your sock. I rarely buy enough yarn for a sweater.
    EXCEPT, I just did

  2. Ooohh, a surprise!

    You could be totally compulsive like me and have the whole mess photographed, in numbered boxes, and documented in a database file. That way it doesn't matter that there is sock yarn mixed in with sweater yarn.


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