Did This Really Happen?

The sun came out yesterday and began stripping a lot of the ice from the trees and ground.  Almost like the whole storm didn't happen.  It's funny how that goes. . .

(Those are the lights of Athens Proper in the distance there.)  The steps in the center photo?  I shoveled them off yesterday and there was a solid 4" of ice on each one.  The ice also extends onto the sidewalk and most of the driveway, as those parts of the house aren't ever in the sun.  In fact, when I took the dogs out this morning, Finn headed for the mailbox, and when I hit the sidewalk, well. . .  I hit the sidewalk.  Glasses went flying, left shoulder and the back of my head hit simultaneously.  It seems I clenched my teeth on the way down, too, as my left jaw is aching.  Frankly, I'm too old for that.

Lots of people have so much more snow and bad weather than us --- hopefully, they're all safe and warm and have lots to keep them entertained. 

And for what it's worth, I still think snow is beautiful.


  1. Oh my gosh that could have been a disaster! So glad you landed in one piece.
    It has been a very white snowy winter

  2. The time my feet went out from under me and the back of my head hit the ice, I needed 12 stitches. Glad your disaster was not quite so disastrous. I cannot even imagine 4" of solid ice except on a lake. It does NOT belong on steps. Or sidewalks or streets.


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