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13.  Home
I have lived in Athens longer than I've lived anywhere else in my life.   Yet, when I hear or think of the word "home," it means Nashville.  I even go out of my way not to refer to Athens as "home," no matter what the context.  If returning from out of town, it's always "I'm going back to the house."  If someone here asks me if I'm a "local," I always say, "I live in Athens, but I'm from Nashville."  I did the same thing when I lived in Tuscaloosa.  "Home" = Nashville.  Where I'm living = "house."

I don't know if everyone feels this way about their birthplace.  I know Briton and Hannah aren't all that excited to claim Athens.  But I adore Nashville.  I love Tennessee.  I haven't been back since I finished up all the business with Mama's estate, which makes me so very sad.  But since she and Daddy aren't there anymore, there hasn't been the same pull.  In all truth, I think it would take a great deal of emotional energy to get back up there, and I simply haven't had any of that since. . .  well, well before I finished up all the business with Mama's estate.

The house that my parents lived in was not the house I grew up in.  I never felt the connection to it that, say, Briton and Hannah did, as that was the only place they ever knew for Granddad and Grandma.  This is where I grew up (although markedly different from back then.  The two windows on the right are my room.):

This is the house Mama and Daddy moved to:
Lots of trees, front yard and back.

Either way, either place, Nashville is HOME.


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  2. I loved visiting Nashville with the kids one summer. So full of its own history. I enjoyed seeing Vanderbilt U. grounds and loved the country music.


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