Tenth Day

How are things?*

*I suspect they're pretty good if someone you nominated is still in one, or both, of the contests.  That means you're still in the running for a prize package! 

Yesterday's winners:
Robert Sean Leonard
Anna Kendrick
Zachary Levi
Rashida Jones
Craig Ferguson

Let's keep this momentum going, shall we?


  1. Curses!!! The Fedora of Fate strikes again! A blow to the heart! A knife to the back! A kick in the shins! Oh how you torment me so!!! Like I said yesterday, just when you think the Fedora of Fate is going to play gentle, WHAM!!! That's when she gets you! No amount of bracing myself could've been enough...
    I dare not ask what will be next!!!! (Yet I cannot wait to find out!!!)

  2. She is a cruel and harsh mistress.


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