Since Hannah has moved away, I'm keeping really strange hours.  Lily and/or Madeleine still wake me up at 7 AM to be fed, and I get up, only to take a long, wonderful nap from early to late afternoon.  That makes it hard to go to sleep as early as I had to when I was getting up to take her to work.

But it means I'm awake right in what has always been my wheelhouse: late, late night.  I am more energized (though "energy" has an entirely different definition in this Pit) and think more clearly at this time.  I have good ideas.

But I also think black thoughts, and they seem darker at night.  Like realizing I'll never teach again.  Two years plus out of the classroom, I can't imagine anyone hiring me.  And teaching is what I do, it's who I am.  And, since I haven't been accepted for any other job in all that time, I don't think I'll ever be given an opportunity to be something else.


  1. Well could you volunteer and teach ???? SOmeone would value your experience. I just know it.
    I love to sleep in and take a good nap too.
    WE are similar

  2. I'd go with the volunteer thing. I had a long tale that I was going to tell about a long-unemployed 60 year old friend, but the short story is that a volunteer job turned into a very unexpected paying farm manager job for her. Nothing she had ever done before or ever expected to do, but there you have it. You have a lot of very valuable skills.


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