It's Photo Day!

While I do, indeed, have boards on Pinterest, I don't visit there regularly.  I do, however, regularly find pictures that I like.  Since meaningful content escapes me today, I thought I'd show you some.

Baby rhinoceri are among my favorite baby animals.  Very near, if not at, the top of a list like that.

Tapirs were one of Briton's favorite animals growing up.  This is a practically-newborn being meaningful and squeefully cute at the same time.

I love, worship and adore Barry Gibb anyway --- but the fact that he is left-handed sends him right over the top.

First saw this picture yesterday, and still can't come up with words equal to my delight in it.

Can't come up with words for this one, either.  But for an entirely different reason.


  1. I love Barry TOO!
    I love baby animals and moms, obviously!
    Great fun today with your cool images


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