Doctor's Orders

Lorette, The Knitting Doctor, told me to give my confounded shrug one more go, then ditch it and move on.  That's just what I'm doing, and, so far, so good.

Very cold here today, but no ice or snow.  Grave disappointment.

Since it was such a freezing, grey day, and since I'm still trying to stay out of harm's way in the house, I've spent all day in my room, knitting, reading, watching movies.  I think the last time the Alphabetical Authors project was brought up, I was on "Q" --- Daniel Quinn's My Ishmael.  "R" was Lisa Rogak's Dogs of Courage.  "S" was Cain, by my beloved Jose Saramago.  It's a slim book, yes, but I read it in one sitting.  Saramago's stories and his words transport me.  This time, it was no different.

Right now, I'm reading Boots On the Ground By Dusk, by Mary Tillman.  Her son, Pat, a former NFL player, joined the Army Rangers after 9/11 and was killed by friendly fire.  Only it took the family months to be told that, and they were given several versions at that.  I'm not sure they have the Truth to this day.  It's a sad, infuriating, yet interesting read.  I very well remember Tillman's NFL days, and all the turmoil that surrounded his death.

It being Inauguration Week and all, thought I'd join in the patriotism and stuff.  I've been to Washington, and would love to go back.  Took a tour of the White House, but, nice as ours was, it could never match up to this:


  1. OH now that is a sweet image i had never seen of Obama. Thanks for sharing

  2. That is a great photo of Mr. Obama.

    I've not read the Tillman book yet. He was stationed at Fort Lewis across the road from where we live, so that was a huge story in the papers here.


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