Well, Let's See. . .

Still hot as all get-out here, though it's "cooled" from over 100 to 98, 99.

We spent part of our Fourth with friends --- good food and great humor.

I read Mr. Laurie's book and was, once again, taken by his great wit and endless cleverness.  The fact that I can hear him saying the words as I read them is an added bonus.  For "M," I've chosen a book that I'm sure will have me in tears more than once:
This will be my second book about service dogs in this alphabet reading plan.  I'm a goner when it comes to them.

Had another knitting group meeting last night.  It went very well --- I got really lucky with the women who decided to join:  they're fun, diverse, and funny.

I have decided to sleep as much as possible tomorrow, and have made this intention clear to all whom it might impact.

The third Wingspan is now on the needles.

Did I mention it's been mind-meltingly hot here lately?


  1. I Love your sleep as much as possible GOAL for today! Hooray for great sleep. Im going to nap in an hour

  2. Really, Hugh needs to read it to you, either in person or on tape. I'll speak to him. (If the restraining order lets me.....lol!)

    Sleep! Sleep! Usually when I clear my schedule for a good sleeping in, I'm awake at the crack of dawn.


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