Can Do, Can't Do

One of the members of my knitting group has offered to teach me to crochet.  Specifically, to crochet Granny Squares, as I'd like to make an afghan that is one huge square.  But then, today on facebook, one of my friends posted this photo:
Isn't that pretty?  If I get the hang of the Granny Square thing, I just may have to make one of these, too.

The group met last night, and I passed out donated worsted to everyone, asking them to make 6" squares that we could put together for an afghan or lap blanket.  And it was decided that, at our next meeting, everyone will cast on socks.  I was flabbergasted to find out that hardly any of them have ever made socks before.  My experience with knitters has always been that socks are a regular go-to project.  Everyone but me will be knitting them in the round, unless I brush the rust off my two circulars skills.

The people are at Mama and Daddy's house, preparing for the estate sale.  It still looks like it's going to be the first weekend in August.  I suppose it's very telling that the house has scarcely been on my mind at all since I left last time.  Everything I could do, I had done, I guess.  No need to worry.  Now, once the sale is over, we'll see where my thoughts go. . .


  1. I've been wanting to learn to crochet, too, and now that I've seen that blanket - like you - I'm even more determined to learn!

    Your knitting group sounds great. What??!!! No sock knitters???? And FWIW, I still love my dpns above all else ...

    The last time we were home, I happened to go past our old house, and the people who lived in it now were out in the yard. I stopped to talk to them, and it was very pleasant. But afterwards, I was most happy that I didn't feel sad at all. My memories of the house were from when *we* lived there ...

  2. That is amazing - love it!!!

  3. That is a very cheerful blanket! So how do you knit socks, if not in the round? I'm curious...

  4. Oh bringing them into the sock world is so great. THe blanket is adorable! !
    Hang in there with the house...IT is telling that you are calm about it now eh?
    Good for you. Your parents would want that.

  5. I, too, want to learn how to crochet, specifically so I can make a giant granny square afghan. I have a lovely young lady -- a preteen -- of my acquaintance who is an expert crocheter; she's promised to teach me!


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