Got out and ran errands early this morning so that I could get back and watch The Masters coverage.  I drove through Augusta on my way to Folly Beach;  a beautiful place.  I think I went through when all the flowers and shrubbery were at their blooming peak, as it has been so warm around here.  It certainly looks more green than accented with bright colors on TV.

(Some golfers appeal more than others.)

Now knitting on 5 different things, as I have been assured a spot in a local artists' market in May.  My request went in months ago, and I pretty much thought they'd decided against me when I never got a response back. Then, all of a sudden, I get an e-mail this week asking if I still wanted them to hold a place for me.  Gotta get busy.

Wrapped up A Prayer for Owen Meany a couple of days ago.  Tearful ending, but a bit of a slog to get there.  "J" is Mister Pip by Lloyd Jones.  I can already tell it's going to fly by compared to its predecessor.

No big plans for the weekend, other than knitting and golf.  Hannah was to come home this weekend, but has decided to wait until next weekend so she can see Briton open in "Amadeus."  We may still try to sneak in a trip down for a lunch or something.  Miss that girl.


  1. We love watching the Masters too. who are you rooting for? I love old B. Langer.....

    Prayer for OWen is such a great movie too


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