Monday, September 3, 2018

Back At It

I hope everyone had a nice weekend.  Mine was a wee bit frantic.  Aside from being out of pocket yesterday, the engine of Briton's car flat-out died at the end of last week, necessitating some shifting of money (an awful weekend to have to do that) and a trip to the Toyota dealer in town.  Not to mention all the ferrying of the one operating car between us.  Uuuugggghhhh.

Then, my wondering out loud about getting myself a dog led to viewing the site of every rescue organization nearby.  Which led to --- oh, you have this figured out already.  Here he is:
He was called "Gene Kelly" at the shelter.  Last night I finally landed on "Tap" as his name.  He's, let's say, "busy."  Run, run, run, run and then CRASH.

But you aren't here for any of that, are you? You're here to find out that
Jeremy Irons
Emma Watson
Jon Bon Jovi
Idris Elba
Emma Thompson
Jeff Bridges
and Mayim Bialik 
have moved on to the second round.

And, I suppose you're here to vote some more.

I'm going to start posting six match-ups each day for a while, to speed things along a bit.  Great good luck to all who still have someone in the contest!


  1. Darn it. After watching SUNDAY MORNING, yesterday, I realize I should have nominated TWIGGY. She is still a beauty!
    Tap is perfect. One of our barn horses, Tapper, is a clear favorite with such a winning personality. Im so excited for your new baby!!!!!!!



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