Tuesday, October 3, 2017


It's been a while since I've answered Kathy's Monday Questions.  Let's set that right.

How do you start a campfire?
I don't.  I never have.

Tell me why you are working with the yarn weight you are.
Worsted, because Christmas at Sea asks that all donated items be made with it.

Would you rather have tickets to "Hamilton" or a baseball playoff game?
"Hamilton."  I got over baseball a long, long time ago.

Would you be frightened or thrilled to be on a spacewalk?
Thrilled, but then I'd never get there due to my paralyzing claustrophobia.  I wouldn't be able to stay in the spaceship to even blast off.

Spices: cinnamon or pumpkin spice?
Cinnamon.  With extra cinnamon and sugar.

Shoes your mother wore.
The first thing that came to mind were her heels.  She had crazy-thin feet, and always bought really good, dainty shoes.

Your knitting this weekend in three words or less.

Apples: eat them raw or cooked?
Raw, though I'm not a big apple person.

New baby?  The name?
A friend had a boy and named him "Rex Rainwater."

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  1. Um I love that name. Rex rainwater. thanks for playing!


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