Bubbles In The Lead

Ooops. . .  Wrong Bubbles.

There we go.

I'm not particularly surprised that almost all of you chose "bubbles" for a summer day.  I can't remember ever hearing anyone say they don't like bubbles.  Still, I appreciate that a couple of you bucked the trend.

I finished a pair of mitts the other day.  My wrist looks a little swollen in the photo where I'm wearing them, but my suspicion is that that's a result of my bracelet rather than a design shortcoming.
The design is actually meant to be used with four different yarns, as the pattern goes 2x2 rib, 3x1 rib, stockinette, double seed stitch around the middle, then reverse the order to the end.

I'm sort of at loose ends about what to knit next.  I'd like to make a sweater, but know that once it began, I wouldn't want to make a sweater anymore.  It looks like the It-Was-Diamonds-But-Now-It's-Stripes will have to do for now.


  1. Love your mitts. And the yarn! Soon we'll be needing them!!

  2. I had to be different and be honest about the whirlys. LOVE LOVE LOVE your mitts. I don't want to knit a sweater either. The shawl things been good to me this summer.


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