Monday, June 19, 2017

Occam's Razor

Round and round and round my little brain went, trying to land on a question for this week's Countdown Contest.  The prizes suggested several, but, finally, the simplest one won.

What is your favorite flower?

This week's prize-in-main was donated by Camille:

Enough beautiful, smooshable yarn to make the Bellflower Scarf from Color Storms.

Thrown in, a little bit of snackage that you might enjoy while you create:

You've got through this Friday to leave your answer.  And don't forget to tell your friends!


  1. Tough question! How to choose just one? I will go with roses, but I love them all!

  2. I have always loved daisies. I think because when I was a little kid, my father told me "Daisies don't tell." :-)

  3. Lillies of the Valley. Now I just earburned Ethel's song from "I Love Lucy" .

  4. In true white girl fashion, I love peonies. We planted some at our current house and I was pleasantly surprised when three bushes came up (after living here for four years) in a completely different part of the yard.

  5. Every Answer I read I said oh that is my favorite, no that is my favorite, no that is my favorite. This question maybe simple but the answer is so hard. I have always had a particular fondness for daffodils/jonquils so that will be my answer. (I don't think there is a flower out there I couldn't love)

  6. the first lawn violets in spring.

  7. I love any flower that smells good -- lilacs, lily of the valley, stargazer lilies, old-fashioned roses. (I am answering because I love flowers; don't put me in the pot to win a prize.)


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