Whatever the Weather

It's been a chilly and windy day in Athens, after stormy days yesterday and Monday.  None of which I have minded, as bad weather energizes me much more than good.

My daughter has also been inspired:
She said this fabric was meant for a baby blanket, but she turned it into a top.  That child is a marvel.  She sews without patterns.  She builds complicated costumes and outfits in her head, and makes them so.  It's amazing.

My Maid of Honor lost her sweet father a couple of days ago.  He had Alzheimer's, and it was a long, painful decline.  Her parents, and her sister, were always great to me, and they've been on my heart all week.  Here are the two of us 33 (GULP) years ago:
Do y'all remember hot rollers?  And I just realized that I still have that same make-up bag in the top photo (next to the hot rollers and my hatbox.)


  1. OMG hot rollers! I forgot all about them. And I was originally gonna ask why you had flowers in your hair ... ;-)

    I envy Hannah's creativity - I would love to be able to see something and just re-create it!

  2. Wow! To sew without patterns and to just see something in your head and then create it - amazing! Hot rollers - hahahahahahaha...I think mine are still somewhere in the linen closet!

  3. Your daughter is simply stunning. Stunning stunning. I admire anyone with such creativity. She might want to model for a living!!!

  4. Great photos! I just now figured out who you bring to mind. It's the gorgeous actress that plays Mellie on Scandal!

    And did you ever use juice cans for rollers? OMG, the things we used to do for beauty. And those horrid brush rollers with picks that made it impossible to sleep.


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