It's cold and gray here, which is just fine with me.  This type of weather at this time of year drives home the fact that Christmas is near.  It bothers me if it is sunny and warm around Christmas;  I still hope, hope, hope every year that it will snow.  Cold air and gray skies make that seem possible.

Speaking of snow and Christmas and beautiful things:
(From my cousin, Patty.  As you can imagine, we get a lot of equine-themed cards, and they are almost all gorgeous.)

Very committed to knitting today.  I even did some blocking over the weekend.  This is a KAL shawl that I'm working on --- I just want to show you the colors right now, not the design.  Hence, the back.

I've discovered "painting by sticker."  Have you heard of it?  It's exactly what it sounds like --- match a numbered sticker to its place.  Wonder what this could be?

And finally,
What?  You don't have Sam Elliott and Jerome Flynn watching over you as you knit?


  1. I knew that was Sam Elliott. Had to google Jerome Flynn, but I know him now, too.

  2. Oh that shawl is gonna be pretty with those colors, regardless of the pattern!

    I long for snow at Christmastime. We usually get at least the appropriate cold, though they are saying this year, it will likely be in the 50s. I disapprove mightily.

    Your knitting companions crack me up!

  3. Pretty Shawl Kim. I too want snow at Christmas. We have plenty but we are supposed to get rather warm and I dont want it to melt! I love horses so I love that card!


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