Saturday, December 24, 2016


I found my yearly new Nativity on etsy a couple of weeks ago.
It was made by a potter.  It's little, but it's so powerful.  And very different from all my others (which is my number one purchasing criterion.)

Also left out my completed paint with stickers piece:
It was an elephant!!

Heading out in a little bit to have Christmas Eve IHOP with Hannah and Will.  Briton is working until around 10 tonight, then coming by here.  It's my favorite day of the year, and I'm glad to be seeing my babies.


  1. Merry Happy Wonderful weekend holiday! Love to all.

  2. My favorite comment on the nativity scene was one I saw this year: "Imagine the nativity with no Jews, no Muslims, and no refugees. It would be just a manger and some camels."


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